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This past week/weekend was full of new adventures and new stresses.  It’s very freeing when your oldest moves out.  It’s also scary knowing that 1/3 of working “children” under the age of 34 live with their parents.  DOH!

I’m not going to make a sappy post about my baby growing up, but it’s both a sad and happy time.

My boy has everything physical he needs to live on his own, and I can only continue to mother him through the mental, emotional and parenting part of living on his own.  With being a parent comes more love than you knew you held in your heart, fear, joy, pain and so much more.  I love that he is strong enough to WANT to be on his own, and smart enough to make the effort to do his best to make that happen.

Whether or not he succeeds is up to him (and the fact that we have no space for him and his family to live with us).  Let’s all hope and pray for the best!

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