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It’s been almost a year since I blogged.  I have about 20 drafts of things that I’ve wanted to write about in that time, but nothing that was a complete thought.  My plan is to start typing and see what comes out.  It may come as one big blog, or may come as a few each day until I feel I have things out of my head and here for all to see.  All I know is that a year can make a huge difference in our lives.  Good, bad, sad, happy, scary, fun and totally out of left field, but we are lucky to still be around to tell about what we’ve been through.

I hope you are doing well…sorry I was gone so long!

~ Mel

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Big Daddy does it again:)

I feel like I don’t know when I’m going to blog next because I have so much going through my head.  None of it bad, or pressing issues.  I could blog about my birthday, V-day, knitting, baby J, my daughter J, Big Daddy, life, work (that doesn’t sound fun), things that bother me (I already did that and I don’t want this to be a soapbox type of blog, but sometimes it’s just necessary).  I think this is what they call writers block, but since I don’t consider myself a writer I wouldn’t know.

I have not been a very good blog buddy…sorry ladies.  I guess I just haven’t found something that’s made me stop and HAVE to write about it.  Life has been good, got lots of presents for my bday/vday (separate presents, I hate combo gifts).

I just upped the cuteness factor by 10

The kids are all thriving, and the dogs – we got a new one to add to the madness, they are all happy and sleeping through the night (and have learned what a bark collar does).  I don’t have much to blog about besides how great things are, and that is enough to write about for a while, but I don’t want to take time out of the greatness to sit here and write about it.

I’ll leave you with this promise for more.  My sister and I were talking the other morning in an unplanned 7 am FB chat, which was absolutely awesome, and something that was bothering her had also been an issue for me and another friend of ours all at different times in the last few weeks.  I mentioned that I was going to blog about it, since it seems that it’s common and unwanted (the issue, not my blog :P).

Stay tuned for a possible rant, because if I other people can speak freely…then so can I.


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Yes it did.

I’m not here today, because it’s my BIRTHDAY!!!! Ok, so in reality, I’ve been sleeping in, working and enjoying hearing from friends and family.  It’s not really different than any other day, except I got presents (because my baby rocks) and because I’m older.

I shall return soon to blog as there are lots of things on my mind. Hope your weekend is as good as mine will be! We are doing family dinner and celebrating both mine and Big Daddy’s birthdays this weekend!


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I finished ONE sock last night, my first one. (It’s my blog I can put up random pics of my knitting!)

This morning I was guilted encouraged by my blog buddy (kidding) to write a post, so off I go for inspiration.  I got nothin’.

I found this article on post a day 2011 that asks us to free write when we are “blocked.”  Here is what they recommend:

First decide how long you want to free write for, then set a timer. Five to ten minutes is a good start, but feel free to challenge yourself with a longer session.

Ready? Go! Don’t prepare anything — just start writing everything that pops into your head, regardless of how nonsensical or bizarre it is. Don’t even bother with grammar and punctuation — just keep your fingers typing, and don’t stop until the timer goes off. (If you find yourself on a roll, by all means, keep writing!)

The final step? Analyze the results.What sentences catch your attention? Did you find a new way to articulate what’s on your mind? Did you remember something funny or interesting? Did you explore a new perspective on an issue?

Remember that free writes don’t have to generate lots of usable content to be valuable. They’re simply intended to help you generate new ideas, organize your thoughts, and get unstuck.

Ok, I don’t know if you’ve read my posts, but I tend to word vomit enough without just typing what’s popping in my head.  At this very moment…

-Pat Robertson is annoying

– where is the remote

– so is his son

– I haven’t emailed back my work goals sheet for this week

– my ring is turning on my finger, am I losing the steroid weight finally

– it’s cold

– I need to wake D up

– I’m hungry

– my sister hasn’t answered my text

– i need to get smaller knitting needles so my next sock isn’t giant size

– need to order J’s b-day cake for Sunday

– where is the remote

– if i have to hear another SOB story on 700 club I’m going to lose it

– k, the Doctors is on

– we needs stamps

– how long am I going to do this running dialogue?

See.  Not at all writing material.  I think I found my to do list for today though – SCORE!

So, what would your “right now” dialogue be?  Do you think everyone has as sketchy, all over the map, scary thoughts or am I the only one willing to admit it?

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I’m going to use these as topics when I’m clueless but want to write.  I’m talking to myself again.

Casting on the first stiches and 3 rows of knitting on my first night.

If you’re on my FB you’ve seen my knitting album.  For those that aren’t on my FB, I started knitting on Dec 11…I remember it because it was the night of my Daughter-in-law(to be)’s birthday.  My Mother-in-law was knitting as she always does – she claims it relaxes her and gets rid of her nervous energy, so she makes dishcloths and scarves.  Anywho, I’m a sucker for crafty things, and new things, and I used to watch my mom crochet (I can crochet a chain!), so I picked up MIL’s extra needles and a ball of yarn and sat next to her and she showed me a few stitches.

Now that I look back on my first sample it looks awful!  My MIL said I would be surprised how much I learned just by doing that first project and being able to look back and see what I did wrong.

Getting used to the knit stitch (4 hours in).

The first few hours of doing this was NOT relaxing, not fun and did not make me feel crafty.  It takes patience, math skills, and the ability to multitask to truly get into knitting.  After that first night, I got the main stitch down and now can do it while talking, watching a movie, or a number of other things.  It has become my FAVORITE hobby out of scrapbooking, making jewelry, sewing and every other crafty thing I like to do.

Knitting is cheap, easy, non-messy, can travel, and keep you entertained when you wish to be otherwise entertained from life.  I am an anxious person, so to keep my focus OFF of waiting, being anxious or something I don’t want to be doing, knitting is a lifesaver.

All good things…I stopped on my sample after one day and I felt I had the stitch down.

I’ve shown J, my daughter how to do it, and she picked it up immediately, so we now have a common thread. (HA!)  I also have knitted 3 scarves, learned how to make a ribbed pattern, I’m working on cables and studying hats and socks for my next projects.
So, to answer the question, I can stay busy by knitting.  Even when it’s not snowing.  When the snow comes Monday night, I’ll be knitting, just like I am every other night.

On a side note, knitting relaxes me immensely now that I can do it without thought…which makes me much more pleasant to be around – I think.  At least I feel more relaxed, we’ll have to ask Big Daddy what he thinks.

Here are some of the “finished products” now that I know what I’m doing.

Big Daddy’s unfinished “manly, soft black” scarf – ran out of yarn, must get more!

My first scarf, in garter stitch (basic) pattern. This took 1 week.

MY scarf, 3rd one, ribbed pattern, very soft, took a week (but I was sick and didn’t do it often).

It’s really long so I can wrap it!

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If you had asked me this over a year ago, I could have named a million bands/songs/playlists and explained why they were a staple in my life.  They still do, but lyrics used to mean so much more to me because I felt like I wasn’t heard.  When you are heard, and happy, the songs you like change, the way you hear them change, and you hear different meanings to lyrics than you did before.

Now, I just enjoy the music on my iPod and don’t use it as a soundtrack to my life.

I’m going to get fired for not answering these questions.


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It’s been over a month since I posted on here, and I updated today with some past blogs because I’m deleting my myspace account *clapping* and I didn’t want to lose some things.

Life has been busy, I will NOT bore you with that, but hopefully the things I posted will give you a laugh or entertain you for a little while.

I shall return.


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