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The reason I wake up (usually by noon).

My kids.  There is no way possible to pick just ONE of them.  They are both amazing in their own ways.  They are both equally trying in their own ways.  I’ve wanted to hug them and hurt them at the same time…sometimes both of them at the same time!  My kids are wonderful.  They have loved me and been my support team through many life changes.  I’ve made their lives hard sometimes by decisions I’ve made, and they’ve returned the favor.  We’ve grown up together, and I warn them, just as my mother did, it’s going to come back ten-fold (so be careful what you put me through).

My boy, my bubba – he is me with boy parts…the most loyal, loving, smart, handsome, charismatic kid I’ve ever met.  There is NO ONE that doesn’t like him when they meet him.  He comes off shy, or withdrawn until he knows he can trust you not to judge him.  If you judge him he’ll just ignore you, he has no time for it.  He’ll argue his point until you give up or shut up, he doesn’t know when to hush, but he stands his ground and he isn’t a follower.  He’s always up for making a buck, and one day will own his own business selling you things you (don’t)need and can’t do without.  He will always take cash over a gift card (and if you give him a giftcard he is not afraid to try to sell it back to you).  <—-He is not tactful.  He’s a skater, and he likes more genre’s of music than I can name (techno, house, rap, rock, screamo, metal, oldies, reggae, old boy band pop LOL, and yes, even some gospel music)…but not country.  He will kick your ass if you lay a hand on me – and I will do the same if you touch him.  I love my boy, I couldn’t ask for a better son.

My beautiful noodle, punky – she is me…22 years ago.  She is girly girl, talk your ear off, happy, loving, nurturing and everything I ever wanted in a daughter.  She makes friends everywhere, and does not have any enemies.  Even those that “don’t like her” she still wants to talk to and will be friends with if they decide they want her friendship.  She is musically inclined, can carry a great tune, and can dance like her momma – which scares me.   She’s made mistakes and learned lessons, and is still learning them.   Her mind is always going, she’s a great student, always does well in class, and loves to learn.  She is my biggest fan, and her idea of a fun night is playing a game and doing our nails together.  She still loves to “love” on me before going to bed, she can’t go to sleep without me tucking her in, but she insists I don’t call her by her nickname in public.  Her mothering skills are amazing, she has always taken care of me when my migraines strike, complete with thermometer, a medicine time list, food and drink at regular intervals and making sure I have all I need.  Her nurturing spirit has shown through even more lately while taking care of her nephew.  She can change, burp, feed, play with, and love him like she’s been a mom for years.  I look forward to seeing her as a grown woman enjoying her own children one day and experiencing the joy of parenting a child like her.

My children have kept me going on may occasions.  It’s safe to say without them I don’t think I’d have made it this far.


Sidenote: I want to say that my husband has turned many things around in my life.  He’s become a new reason worth living for.  I also have a brand new reason…baby J, that boy has me wrapped already.

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