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I finished ONE sock last night, my first one. (It’s my blog I can put up random pics of my knitting!)

This morning I was guilted encouraged by my blog buddy (kidding) to write a post, so off I go for inspiration.  I got nothin’.

I found this article on post a day 2011 that asks us to free write when we are “blocked.”  Here is what they recommend:

First decide how long you want to free write for, then set a timer. Five to ten minutes is a good start, but feel free to challenge yourself with a longer session.

Ready? Go! Don’t prepare anything — just start writing everything that pops into your head, regardless of how nonsensical or bizarre it is. Don’t even bother with grammar and punctuation — just keep your fingers typing, and don’t stop until the timer goes off. (If you find yourself on a roll, by all means, keep writing!)

The final step? Analyze the results.What sentences catch your attention? Did you find a new way to articulate what’s on your mind? Did you remember something funny or interesting? Did you explore a new perspective on an issue?

Remember that free writes don’t have to generate lots of usable content to be valuable. They’re simply intended to help you generate new ideas, organize your thoughts, and get unstuck.

Ok, I don’t know if you’ve read my posts, but I tend to word vomit enough without just typing what’s popping in my head.  At this very moment…

-Pat Robertson is annoying

– where is the remote

– so is his son

– I haven’t emailed back my work goals sheet for this week

– my ring is turning on my finger, am I losing the steroid weight finally

– it’s cold

– I need to wake D up

– I’m hungry

– my sister hasn’t answered my text

– i need to get smaller knitting needles so my next sock isn’t giant size

– need to order J’s b-day cake for Sunday

– where is the remote

– if i have to hear another SOB story on 700 club I’m going to lose it

– k, the Doctors is on

– we needs stamps

– how long am I going to do this running dialogue?

See.  Not at all writing material.  I think I found my to do list for today though – SCORE!

So, what would your “right now” dialogue be?  Do you think everyone has as sketchy, all over the map, scary thoughts or am I the only one willing to admit it?

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Hello ladies!  This is just a post for the ladies that have requested to be in a Blog Buddy circle after replying to me on THIS POST about blog buddies.  If you are new and you find this post  and would like to be a part of our circle, please leave a comment.

Since we all congregated on my page I felt like it was my duty to say hello…HELLO!  I think it would be best if everyone just subscribed to each blog listed, and then you can comment as you like, link up as you like and we can keep track of each other that way.  I have listed everyone’s blog in this post, and have also listed them in my links under “Blog Buddies” so you can easily find each other.

*Churchlady voice* Can we talk?

Everyone has either emailed or left a comment somewhere on my blog about themselves, but if you all would, please leave a comment on this post with a little detail about yourself and what you like to do, what you blog about, and what kind of things you are interested in.

I am also tagging all of my posts and categorizing them as “Blog Buddies Circle” so that I want to just talk to you all, or if anyone wants to see what is relevant to us we can easily find it.  If you would like to do the same on your page please do.

If anyone has any other ideas on how to get this going and encourage each other please let me know.

I hope you are all ready to blog, or be encouraged to blog (since I don’t do it every day).

And now…heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s the ladies:







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