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A little lame

Ok, so I haven’t updated…I’m beginning to realize most of my posts start with those words.

My sister is blogging now, and she’s much better at doing it more often.   She wrote a blog about me, so that kinda counts as an update, right?

Here it is.

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I suck, haven’t been on here in forever, partly because I don’t want this to be a blog about how my life sucks or poor me, or _____ is an ass.  That kinda thing just gets you down, I choose not to wallow in BS that may surround me at various times.    I also don’t want this to be a “window” into my life, so I’ve been quiet.

To catch up, I got divorced, moved, got engaged, got married and got happier.  It’s really nice, not to have to TRY to be happy all the time.

I’ll catch you up later, but here’s something that my sister wrote about what I’ve been experiencing.  She’s a writer, she rocks, much more eloquent than I.

My sis says: Talked to my sister Mel today on the phone. She the happiest person I’ve ever known- even when her world is falling down. Now she is blessed with the unconditional love & tenderness she deserves & I find that the story of her joy cannot be found based on a person but based on inner peace. Because of God’s provision & His gift of her husband who longs to offer her this peace in life – I am forever grateful!

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