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Not a writer, but I love to write and I often have lots to say. I tend to speak from a mix of experience, dumb decisions, research, facts and just plain common sense...which isn't so common in the world. Going on 4 years of marriage to the most amazing man in the world, and I could not have asked God for a more perfect husband. I'm a mom of 3 very different kids that keep us busy (and happy). C is 20 and has a family of his own. He's made me a "Mimi" (code for grandma) to the most handsome and happy baby boys ever created! Our daughter B is estranged of her own choice, however our prayer is for her growth in Christ, clarity and that one day she will realize that she has an entire paternal family that just want to love her. Our current youngest, J is not a baby at all, she is going on 16 next year, and is an amazing young woman of God. She is the only child at home...for the next few months. God blessed our blended family with a surprise (to us) baby. It's quite a shock and thrill to think you are done raising kids, with your youngest at 15, and find out that God's plan is completely opposite. We are excited, worried, thrilled, tired and ready to meet our newest bundle of joy! My writing comes from things I'm dealing with or interested in at the time. I often write about family, marriage, submission, Christianity, parenting and a few odds and ends things like knitting, or my dogs. I hope that the topics you find here give you something to think about, reflect on, disagree with, research and act upon. I welcome you to get involved and comment and share! Thank you for reading!

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